Monday, May 18, 2009

Effectively Focused: Laying the Foundation for Your Creative Corral - Part III

So, you're lining up your life priorities, now what?
Why are you starting a creative business? Do merely need to vent creativity? Do you want your hobby to pay for itself? Do you want to make some extra money or build a full business? Do you want to create an art empire? Your motive contributes to the focus and helping your business move forward to the goal instead of meandering and not really going anyhere. Don't make the mistake of defining your financial goal yet. Merely have an understanding of your motives. When you re-visit your priorities periodically, you may be at different points on the motivation continuum. Can you give more time to the business? Do you need to downgrade the priority to care for more urgent matters? That's okay! Your priority list helps you juggle and organize the activities that are most important at this point in time.
Next week: the final post in the series, Laying the Foundation for Your Creative Corral

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