Sunday, July 19, 2009

Effectively Focused: Building the Fenceposts of the Creative Corral - Part II

More advice: the additional bit of advice I have at this point, is to start putting some fence posts around your Creative Corral. I have friends whose creativity is a steady stream and it's easy to focus. However, some might be like me: the creativity was unleashed in a blinding storm and may want to go off on a variety of tangents. When you think about what you dream in, it may be a huge list. I picked up the book, The Martha Rules - 10 Essential for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business. I'm a glass-half full person and I focused on the bits of wisdom that I thought would help me. In particular, "When you are starting out, it is wise to keep your ideas focused on manageable. You do not want to become overextended. It is far better to start out slowly on a firm foundation with one great idea and build from there." (Page 34)

With that in mind, as you are establishing yourself, narrow the list down. You can add your other dreams later once you have a solid base and foundation. For me, that meant holding off on soldering and metalsmithing until I have a solid foundation in glass, wirework, stringing, and chain maille. And I'm NOT going to explore knitting, colored pencils, photography, or sewing for business purposes.

What I can't stop thinking about: how to interpret that cute little pair of shoes into a set of glass. Oooh! That skirt makes we want to try this technique in glass and then make that into this piece of jewelry. And since I'm asked advice from very new artists, how can I interpret my experiences into something useful for them?

This little paragraph is a slightly different version of my mission statement. These are the things I dream in.

What medium fires your dream, drives your imaginations, and ignites your creative fires? This is your mission statement.


  1. this info is quite spot on of the hallmarks of successful artisans is that they have a developed style that is distinctively their own...and one arrives at that by 'focusing in" and honing it like a fine wine!...there is absoutely nothing wrong with 'galloping off in all directions' creatively when you first get started....its what helps you figure out what your best medium of creative expression will be...that experimental phase, if you will!...and...if your end goal is to have it be a hobby, and you are simply creating for the pure joy and self expression of it, then brava!...go for it!..
    but...if your goal is to make a business of your art, then knowing your strengths and weaknesses and building on them, and focusing in to develop a style and a niche is essential!...great articles jenn!

  2. Thank you so much, KerinRose. I appreciate the positive feedback. In fact, you touched on a subject that I'm planning to expound on next month: that of exploring...I think it's a vital component to building a creative business.