Friday, November 30, 2012

Council Grove Kansas

Since I don't get out much, I have to make the most of my day of adventure... well, a few hours of adventure.  The following are a few photographs from last week's excursion in the Flint Hills and to see the historic Council Grove, a stop along the Santa Fe Trail.

The Kaw house reconstruction and the main house were not open. The are constructed of the gorgeous native limestone. (By the way, I have started a new obsession about living in a Tiny house. This is my first time sharing this new obsession. I may chat about that some other time.)

I ate a lovely dinner at this restaurant. A stop along the Santa Fe Trail. Do historical sites fascinate  you and stir your imagination? History thrills me to imagine all that went on before I was ever there. I love it when elements are preserved for our appreciation and imagination today.

This barn is enormous! It really is A Big Barn. (It's listed that way on the brown scenic site sign.) The native limestone is simply breathtaking. It has been restored as a historical site.

And a bonus barn dog. Protecting the barn from varmints.

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