Saturday, September 5, 2015

Effectively Organized: Finishing up my master bedroom

I've had this post sitting in my queue for a few weeks and it's time to publish it. I took pictures of my bedroom now that it's "together" to a certain extent, but I'm learning some design principles as I go. I'm trying to keep things modest, and everything I have in this room (except for my mattresses) is second-hand, stuff from mom's overflow, Craig's list, a piece is from my childhood bedroom set repainted, or a thrift store. 

Since I did this post, I've already moved things around. I have a new dresser in place and moved this pretty dresser I painted to the upstairs office to serve as a printer stand and house office supplies. I've cleaned up my office in stages and now the office is finally in photo-worthy. (I'm not embarrassed to have it in pictures.)

I like how it's coming together, but it still felt "off" to me until I realized the scale is off for the room. I have 10-foot ceilings and tall windows and I'm using furniture designed for a regular, smaller room. I'm sure any designers following this blog might be cringing... I'm learning! I like the headboard for now, but eventually, I'd like to get a white farmhouse bed. I'm tempted to tackle Ana White's Farm House Bed as a learning project. Maybe sometime in 2016. 

I really love the bohemian vibe in this room. I've swapped out the lampshades for some plain white ones as it was getting too much blue in here. The dresser on the right side of the bed is from my childhood bedroom set. I sanded this down to get a natural color top (with remnants of the original deep evergreen stain) and painted the bottom a shade called Charleston blue. I'm using multiple shades of blue in my room to mimic the multiples shades of blue, aqua, turquoise you find in water.

So, I was happy with these photos and just wanted to publish even though things have already changed. :-)

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