Monday, January 11, 2016

Effectively Organized: Setting up the studio

I went dark again! I switched roles at my day job and that has been consuming a lot of my time and energy. I also decided I wasn't motivated the way my studio was currently set up. Everything in this space is tan/beige. At night it feels dark and closed in. So, I decided I needed my studio bright and inviting. So, I dove into painting all the furniture into light and bright and motivating (to me) colors. Blues, whites, and greens. 

The dark furniture was really heavy. 

Vintage white and Charleston blue. 

Work in progress and starting to stock the shelves. I'm in the process of sorting out what I can still do as a renter in my current studio and what I need to put away until I move into a house I own.

More work in progress. Found some fabulous leather Spanish style chairs at a cool architectural salvage place up in Jacksonville.

Significant progress! Table is almost done. I just wiped down the top with mineral spirits. Will need to varnish it tomorrow.

I really love the chairs! I reupholstered these with my own fabric. It's a fun bohemian look with different patterns in the same color way.

I'm also trying to make the storage on the shelves attractive and practical. I've been obsessing over Fixer Upper and the farmhouse, industrial, shabby chic vibe. So, I've been checking out the cool architectural salvage, antique shops, flea markets, and the craft stores for items for storage and it's all coming together.

I need to take pictures during the day so the colors show up better, but in a way, I like the evening pictures... this is the light I spend doing my art, so now you see why I needed a brighter, lighter environment. I have more plans for painting and organizing and it's coming along! Yay!


  1. I've got to declutter and tidy my workspace up, it's an awful mess at the moment, you've convinced me it will be worth it! What a difference the chairs make. Your fabrics are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Sue! It was A LOT of work, but it's so worth it. I LOVE being in this space now. I will have another post with the latest pictures. It's so pretty I just want to sit. (I need to start working now!)