Monday, March 21, 2016

Effectively Organized: Lessons from my first show

My mom hosted a small mixed media show for our friends last week. Here were some of my basic lessons from my first ever show.


  • This was my first real show ever. It was good practice to pack, set up, figure out what worked, what didn't, break down and go home. That was a lot of work! I celebrated by taking naps for the next 2-3 days after work. LOL

  • One really great opportunity was having the opportunity to practice speaking and explaining all the pieces without being apologetic or minimizing my work.

  • I need to have a greater range in price points. I like to work in higher end materials. For small shows where I can expect people to look for small, inexpensive items I can still work in the higher end materials but make simpler pieces of jewelry.

  • My completely handmade items went over better than the designs I had printed by a third party. I'm not quite sure of the reason other than, that's just the way it went for this show.

  • Being able to explain my jewelry and that I only work with Sterling or Argentium silver was important. I need to display the materials in tags on the specific pieces or as a grouping of pieces. Also, I loved being able to say I made the glass beads - they are so pretty, even when they are simple spacer beads. I really look forward to getting back to lamp working. 

  • Wear my hair up! I'm too hot with packing up and setting up to do anything else. I'm in Florida! But even if I was in a cold weather state, I just get hot.

  • I need to figure out a better post-show routine. I loaded my cabinet back up, but there is still stuff all over the table from making jewelry and it's a week later. 

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