Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Effectively Organized: The Yarn Hutch is done! (formerly known as a China hutch)

I found this gorgeous Thomasville hutch on Craig's list for only $150. I hired a mover to pick this up, so $135 for picking up and moving and bringing upstairs, I have a beautiful, well-made piece of furniture. For China? Nah. For my art yarns.

I decided a glass China hutch was the perfect storage system for my art yarn. I wanted to be able to see the beautiful art yarn but protect it from moths or other bugs behind glass (as well as my four-legged "bug" who likes to play with yarn).

While most men are looking this beautiful wood and thinking it's fine as is, I have been refreshing my home and unifying all the thrifted, Craig's-listed, discarded, second hand furniture through paint. And everything had come together except for my yarn storage.

This is a heavy, well-made piece. I did have a slight internal struggle with painting it....

So I just jumped in a committed before I could change my mind.

I tried taping off the hardware, but just couldn't avoid painting the hardware. I love how clean and put together it looks when I protect the hardware from the paint, so....

I dissembled the doors. That was A LOT of hardware.

Removing the hardware made the painting go much faster...

The bottom half...


Then I ran into a conundrum over the color. I originally meant to do Duck Egg Blue, but accidentally started doing Provence blue. And I liked the Provence. But I kept getting stumbled by how well it went with the bright blue painting tarp. I really didn't think the painting tarp went well with my decor, but the Duck Egg Blue did.

I painted the bottom Provence and the top Duck Egg Blue to experiment and see what I liked. I thought maybe I'd do the two-toned thing.

But once I put the pieces together, I let it set and observed and decided I definitely didn't like the Duck Egg Blue and Provence as a two-tone piece. I like the white and blue and went with Provence for the blue and Old White.

The main part is done! And yarn is stashed away. It's really pretty with the doors off...

I decided to go white with the doors...

And finished painting the doors and reassembling last night! Woohoo!

Wrap-up.... I will probably distress it a little bit later, but right now, I like it just painted simply.


  1. A lot of work, but well worth it. My hubby thinks it's a sin to paint beautiful wood, but this piece looks stunning!

    1. Thanks! I had a hard time because this piece was in great shape. I usually look for beat-up pieces that NEED to be painted. But, a big heavy dark piece just wasn't fitting into my bright sunshiny Florida space. So, I bit the bullet and painted it. I tried to do it justice.... and I'm happy with the result.

  2. It looks great Jen! Good job...fresh and inspiring!