Friday, May 20, 2016

Effectively Organized: Developing a Cadence

One of the things that is a major shift for me going from a hobby business to a real business is getting into regular habits of doing things that I might not like doing and maintaining the habit. As a hobby, you can flow with your moods. As a business, consistency is the lifeblood of making your business sustainable and profitable. I'm not profitable yet, but consistency leads to sales which leads to profitability.


For me, blogging and newsletter are two parts of my ongoing marketing plan. I've been trying to create an editorial schedule, but this is a bit of an experiment to see what works best for me. I ha e broken my posts down into categories:

  • Hobby to Business Report: musings on what I need to do to move my hobby business into a real business that will eventually be how I make my living. I explore legal aspects, bookkeeping, mental shifts, posts like this one of moving from random posts to more organized, edited, and planned
  • Studio Time: behind the scenes of work, new work, the process of exploring new styles and mediums. I really like having a log of my history as an artist and my blog has been the main place for documenting my artistic journey.
  • Organized artist: this is an interesting area of exploration for me. I recently KonMari-ed my entire home and art studio. This is enabled me to start doing more in less time. I also created a project management system that utilizes sticky notes. It's based on what I've learned as a project manager (Scrum Master) in my day job. I also made functional art that support this. 
  • Throwback: looking back on my history as an artist or other adventures.
  • Design Exploration: sharing the process of creating surface pattern designs
  • Creative Finds: sharing any book, blog, Instagram feed that I loved or find inspiring
  • Funny Friday: usually stories about being a klutz
  • Resident Adventure: photographic explorations that inspire me and my art

I have been debating whether to have a specific theme for each day of the week or just blog organically. Right now, I'm blogging organically as having the specific theme for each day wasn't really working for me since my cadence is still at 2-3 times per week.


I really, really want to maintain a once per week newsletter cadence. I'm starting to get great feedback and engagement from my small list. However, there is a lot of work to updating the shops for the new color. I'm struggling with staying mentally engaged and interesting for a weekly newsletter. Bi-weekly makes more sense right now where I'm at. Lately the cadence has been 2 weeks on, 1 week off. I don't know if that's confusing though.

The other challenge right now is that I've had lots of visitors in the last two months, I'm trying to improve my personal nutrition and exercise habits (and layer those activities in).

I don't have an answer for this one at the moment. I'm sure I'll more thoughts later.

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