Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Effectively Organized: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Home Tour of Studio Area

This is the last installment in the series of Tidying up and I end with the reason I started the whole process - my art studio. I've had my art studio organized in many ways in the many places I've lived in the last five years. But none of it really worked for me until I understood Marie's basic principle of "store like things together." Now, even though things are piled together and I have to look a little bit, I don't have to look hard to really find what I want. Jewelry findings and beads are stored together. Wire and chain. Polymer clay. Jump rings. Silver wire. Seed beading. Inks. Sewing and fabric. 

So, even when I'm in the middle of creating a giant art mess, when I put it all back, I can find it because I know where it needs to go. Such a crucial element of organizing. 

One other thing I did when putting together my studio was creating a space I was inspired to be in. That meant painting all of my furniture to coordinate, reupholstering furniture, finding pieces that filled a need (like the green dresser that serves as my shipping station). And now the result... updated since the last photo (different table).

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