Saturday, September 15, 2007

Studio Time: I was having a bad orange day

Lazy Hazy Summer

Sky Blue Confetti

Pineapple Punch

Okay. I bought a bunch of Vetrofond and bought a little of the odd lots Tangerine Sparkle and Pineapple Sparkle. LOVE THESE COLORS!!!
I made some great Twistie Scribblers. I used Sky Blue, Tangerine Sparkle, and Pineapple Sparkle and mixed these up. The color combo reminds of Lazy Hazy Summer days. I want to combine this with similar color beads in a mixed up asymmetrical necklace. I want to call the necklace Lazy Hazy Summer Confetti necklace.
I also made the Pineapple Sparkle combos and LOVE THESE as well. One has a fracture. I don't know what I'm going to do when my real beads have fractures. I think I'm going to make a Yellow necklace and call it Pineapple Punch.
I was working and working with the Tangerine color and couldn't get it right yesterday. I have a bunch of REALLY primitive beads. Sigh. But, I noodled over it over night and when I got to the torch today, I nailed it. I suddenly gained control over the stringers with trailing and dots. I have a new technique I'm going to call Bubble Ribbons. I trail the stringer on and put dots on top.
I also did a bunch of Sky Blue base beads. I think I'll call this necklace Sky Blue Confetti. I did one with scrolls coming up from the bottom. I think I'll call that one Blooming Scrolls.
All in all, a great day at the torch.
From a general style perspective, I'm noticing an emerging trend. I combine three high contrast colors together and do different things with them. I ended up with 14 beads in the colors combos. When I get a little more precise, the sets might go well together.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Studio Time: My Emerging Jewelry Style

Pink Passion Necklace

I'm in South Carolina and I'm learning my niece has a crafty side. She helped me make jewelry for two hours. She has quite the creative streak and was very good at making the patterns for our jewelry. I also figured out I have a jewelry style. It's a way to rescue my so-so lampwork beads and make 'em into a cool, funky, colorful necklace. I have to work on my photography to improve it so you can see the colors better.