KonMari Method of Organization

I organized my house in order to feel guilt-free while doing my art. And it’s been really worth it because of being very organized about finding everything and not having the “energy drain list” (as Lisa Call phrases it) in the back of my head. This organization is allowing me to be much more efficient with making things. I’m still developing the systems for the actual art, but having the home system down has been the foundation of me starting my art up without the burden of thinking of all the stuff I had to do lurking in the background. I’m restarting my art after a hiatus for health and moving 13 times in 10 years.

It was A LOT of work. Organizing my closet, laundry room, panty, kitchen, office area and living area took maybe two months. Once I got the main part of the house done, it was time for the studio area and that was not working for me. So I started a round of painting, finding second hand furniture and painting and more painting, finding appropriate storage for all of my art stuff. Altogether that whole process took probably six months. And on the other side, I can say: Totally worth the investment of time.

Here is the series of blog posts:

Original Kon-Mari post
Original Kon-Mari post

Home Tour
Master Bedroom - pre-KonMari
Guest Spaces
Laundry, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Guest Bath
Yarn Hutch
Office Space and Living Area

Studio Posts
Setting up the studio
Completed Studio Version 1
Completed Studio Version 2 - slight updates
Organized and Messy

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