Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Studio Time: Amethyst Scribblers

More progress! I'm SO excited. Below are my "scribbler" designs. The correct term is trailing. But, I feel like a kindergartner who is learn to master their fine motor skills, so my designs are more like scribbling. I think I can work with this for a while, because I like the end result.

And I was about to give up on the transparent glass because of my failure to combine colors. But, I discovered if you keep it simple with the transparents and then trail or do dots on top, it makes it very sparkly. I was reading Z-Beads gallery history and she has ideas about layering up to 16 different colors. I'll try to get good with a few colors first before I go down the multi-color path. But, I also planned this set out. The first photo is the bead with some wire-wrapping to make it a cooler focal.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Studio Time: Wire Wrapping Class

One of my lampwork beads didn't hang correctly. So I was to save it by sticking it in this wire wrap from my class. I think I learned some cool things, but I need to let it settle in.

Studio Time: Breakthrough

So, do you have to have failures to have a breakthrough? Here is my work for the past week the bottom three pictures don't have any I like. I kept trying things out but didn't get anywhere.
Then I was trying to create some beads for Tara to use. She's wearing a lot of black and brown so I wanted to create some jewel tone beads with purples, green, and ambers. But, the transparents turned out too dark. They look okay together in a string, but you don't see any details.

But, then I had my breakthrough! I planned out the colors realizing I needed high contrasts. In such small surface area, you need high contrast to see the detail. I'm taking a wire-wrap class today and some of the may end up in jewelry. They are pinks, purples, white and reddish brown. The rounds are round, the dots are better, the swirls are primitive but decent, and I even created LENTIL shapes. I had been hating the lentil


Friday, August 3, 2007

Studio Time: Color Issues

I'm having issues with color. I've been combining the transparent colors and they're pretty, but they're too dark. You really lose the detail. It's so annoying. I want to add detail. I have twisties and my own stringers (thinner and easier to control) and think I'm adding detail but it's getting lost in the dark transparent colors. I think I don't like those colors unless Iearn to combine with lighter transparent colors.