Saturday, June 6, 2015

Artfully Meandering: Creative Floodgates Open. A review of the deluge...

So, the creative floodgates have opened. I am beyond jewelry now. Here are all the things I have percolating and are now starting to come to fruition!

Surface Pattern Design

I took a random class on surface pattern design and have now expanded my art interests into creating designs for my own home! Here is my "beach blues" I printed through Spoonflower.

And am finishing up re-upholstering a cute little bistro set. 

I also printed some pillows through Zazzle in a bohemian collection for my bed. I've also been  repainting and refinishing my furniture so it coordinates better and just generally organizing my home.

Kanna Inspire

I did a pilot of an inspiration magazine with an original cast of 16 artists. The enthusiasm from the initial launch was great! I'm working on getting legal ducks in a row to relaunch my inspiration magazine. Here is a proof of the next issue (launch date is still open).

Sticky Note Project Management

Another thing I've been piloting on myself, and select friends and family is converting what I've learned from my day job into a personal task/project management system. In the digital age, I've found there is a nice balance/tension to still using old-fashioned paper. But, not just any paper. I am known at the "sticky note queen" when I'm collaborating with my team at work. I've combined my new surface pattern designing skills and have made a way to manage my own tasks in a pretty and organized way. I still use digital lists, but the paper is more tactile and "in-my-face" so I don't forget as easily.


And hopefully, I will be able to return to the thing that started this whole journey... jewelry! I'm not sure about being able to start up lamp working again, but if I can't do that yet, I will explore polymer and ceramics to round out my skill set and materials.


Last but not least, I've finally conquered knitting! I've been knitting scarves for years and years and years and now have graduated from scarf land (although I still love making scarves). I have decided to keep this piece of creativity as something I do to relax at the end of the day. I will still need a creative outlet if my art business takes off. As I was starting to gain a small amount of traction at one point in my business, I realized that making art would become a responsibility and not a creative outlet. So, I had to find something to stay as joy for the joy of creating - no strings attached and I've decided knitting will stay mostly in that arena.