Friday, November 30, 2012

Council Grove Kansas

Since I don't get out much, I have to make the most of my day of adventure... well, a few hours of adventure.  The following are a few photographs from last week's excursion in the Flint Hills and to see the historic Council Grove, a stop along the Santa Fe Trail.

The Kaw house reconstruction and the main house were not open. The are constructed of the gorgeous native limestone. (By the way, I have started a new obsession about living in a Tiny house. This is my first time sharing this new obsession. I may chat about that some other time.)

I ate a lovely dinner at this restaurant. A stop along the Santa Fe Trail. Do historical sites fascinate  you and stir your imagination? History thrills me to imagine all that went on before I was ever there. I love it when elements are preserved for our appreciation and imagination today.

This barn is enormous! It really is A Big Barn. (It's listed that way on the brown scenic site sign.) The native limestone is simply breathtaking. It has been restored as a historical site.

And a bonus barn dog. Protecting the barn from varmints.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Polymer Play

I love custom mixing colors per Maggie Maggio's color smashing guidance. Turquoise is one of my all time favorite colors. I started mixing the turquoise from light to dark. The final results is this Color-ometry Necklace in polymer clay and brass.

The pendant is one of the fun things for me to form. I like just using various geometric pieces like squares, triangles, and circles to make a unique pendant. 

Explorer Earrings

These little earrings are such fun! They have a bohemian flair coral colors mixed with turquoise and greens. They make me feel like an explorer, a wanderer, a traveler... Hand-mixed polymer clay finished off with brass...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Clay Giveaway

I've starting playing with clay again. I just started working with ceramic clay after learning from Elizabeth Gonzalez' wonderful e-class on ceramic clay. This is a wonderful way to get started from the comfort of your home. Work in ceramic and polymer can blend some basic techniques, but the feel is much different. I really like the forgiveness and ease of working with ceramic. Here are some of the initial shaping experiments I have done. Now I have to get the nerve to fire the ceramics. I look forward to that! I can't wait to add color!

Polymer Experiments 

I haven't done a giveaway in ages! Well, I haven't been blogging much this year or last year and I'm trying to get my rhythm going again. It's been a bit hit-and-miss because of the migraines this year. Ah, well! I did some brooches a few years ago in polymer clay. I received some nice compliments on these funky brooches. So, I'm trying them out again. I love the geometric designs and the wild color combinations, so I'm calling this collection "Color-ometry." I still have some work on the details to improve, but I'm really happy with the initial results.

Color-ometry Pendant

This baby isn't ready for "the big time" yet (or to be given away). I need to figure out how to get the "pebble cascade" more stable. While the teeny pebbles popped off, the bigger ones have been staying put. I'm going to experiment with resin. I know I only need glue, but I think encasing the cascade in resin might add an interesting dimension.

Here is the Give-Away: The Color-ometry Brooch 

Interested in the above funky brooch? It is approximately 2" tall by 1.5" wide. I did a "test wearing" of it the other day to make sure it wasn't top-heavy and set right. It wore well! Please comment below to let me know if you're interested in the giveaway. Make sure I can contact you in some way!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kansas Prairie Adventure in the Flint Hills

There is nothing like getting off the anonymous conveyor belt of a highway. I paid the toll and turned onto the road to Council Grove, Kansas. As my car climbed the first flint hill, I felt the thrum of my heart increase with the thrill of re-discovering the beautiful prairie of Kansas.

Don't you love the romance of a ribbon of road rippling among the swells and troughs of the sea of rich soil?

Iron silhouettes installed on a hill... startlingly lifelike when you first see them...

Washes drizzled through the valleys where the hills meet. Soil eroded from heavy rain... just like I always imagined described in a Louis L'Amour novel.

A derelict home...

Big, beautiful prairie sky. The sweep of clouds was astonishing. I love photographs like this. It amazes me that I was able to capture a mere sliver of the grandeur. This is just how magnificent the sky was... no photoshop, no manipulation whatsoever.

And a glimpse of work yet to be done...

One my friends said she thought the prairie was "romantic..." after today's little adventure, I'm in full agreement!