Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Studio Time: I'm still missing my artistic rhythm

I realize this as I look at the pile of 100 things in my basket. Yes. I've still been busy. But, there isn't a rhyme or pattern or theme that my work is following. My styles are all over the place. The media and techniques are all over the map (polymer clay, wire, chain maille, stringing). I'm still learning polymer clay and haven't been able to pick up where I left off. I've gone off on a completely different tangent and don't know where I'll meet back with glass. Although, as I lay these pieces out below, I find I really like them. I'm always critical and trying to determine if I really like it, but I haven't looked at them for a while and recently came back...and the verdict is in...I like these.

The other thing that's throwing me off my game is that I had been working from themes. As you know, I love the southwest US and would love to run off on that tangent. But, it's hard to maintain that theme in the midst of an Asian city. Or a city. I'm really a country / small town girl. Really, I'm a suburban girl, if you count how I spent most of my life, but I would prefer to live in a small town or village. I loved the village I lived in on Lantau. But, at the moment, moving back there isn't as practical. The upside is, there is a potential I may be moving (again), and may (not sure yet) be able to get back to lampwork.

Below is one of the favorite pieces I've made lately. It's a three-stranded necklace made of polymer clay beads in custom blends. I've added some small florals I learned how to do from Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn. I used colored wire to connect the wired pieces. It's definitely artsy.

And last, here is a brooch I kind of like. I probably won't sell it as the pin sets wider than the brooch itself. It was learning some additional techniques and I still don't quite know where to go, but it's heading in a direction full of possibilities.