Sunday, October 30, 2011

Studio Time: Winter 2011 Earring Collection - Ice and Frost

Winter 2011 Earring Collection
"Ice and Frost"

Warm sweaters, sipping hot chocolate or hot cider,       snuggling down into blankets next to a crackling fire. The Frost and Ice collection is a beautiful neutral collection of etched glass beads reminiscent of frost and ice paired with hand-formed Argentium (.925) silver. Perfect for a glittering winter event and neutral enough to wear year round.

I created a 12-piece collection of earrings for a winter show. I will be posting these earrings to my Artfire store. This collection will be available through December 15. Each piece will be made upon order, so allow at least 2-3 days for creation before being sent.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Studio News: Cotton Ready to Harvest

Okay,  here is my news. When my family moved to South Carolina, I was fascinated that cotton was still a vital part of South Carolina's economy. It clothes, feeds, and even pays for things (our dollar bills are 75% cotton). I visited the Cotton Museum on Friday to do additional research on the subject of cotton.

AND! I was juried into the Artisans of the South Carolina Cotton Trail! My mom does photography and had participated in an art show last year. She has been forwarding invitations to various art events in rural South Carolina and the Artisans of the South Carolina Cotton Trail piqued my interest. So, I scrambled and put together a cotton-themed jewelry collection... in two days! I'm really excited because this was a juried selection. This is the first time I've had the guts to apply for anything where my work is judged. Although my heart is always in my jewelry, I was able to put this in perspective... I made up my mind beforehand that if I wasn't accepted, this was a great learning experience. But, I was accepted and all the practice that has come from writing a blog (marketing), developing my unique voice in jewelry, branding my work, learning to present my work... all of that has come together in a good way for me. 

I'll be posting pieces from the collection that I presented over the next few days and then I'll be posting them for sale on the Buy PeeDee Arts SCCTA website. I will continue my OOAK pieces and other designs made available in my ArtFire (finished jewelry) and Etsy (bead) shops. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Studio Time: Cotton

Does look like a bowl of cotton bolls? Kinda? I was going for the cotton theme. The above bowl of glass beads is a teaser for what I have been working on. I will share more later ... I hope by the end of the week. :-)