Saturday, September 19, 2015

Artfully Meandering: Resident Adventurer... Florida Edition

Who knew I would enjoy living in Florida so much? My resident adventures have some great locations. At first it didn't seem like much, but if you look, it's there. 


Who doesn't enjoy time at the beach? I have to admit, I've only had one day of quality time at the beach. When you live here, it isn't as easy to spend oodles of time on the beach, but I do make it a habit to run over there, even for a few minutes every so often. 20 minutes away. Only 20 minutes. But sometimes, oh so far when you're in the midst of all the activities of daily life.

My Love/Fear Relationship with Florida

But I do have to admit there is an element of a love/fear relationship. There are a lot of sting-y (scorpions, mosquitoes) or bite-y (alligators, yellow flies, snakes, sharks) things here. But, if you exercise caution, you are reasonably safe. Reasonably. I'm still very cautious and constantly keeping my eyes peeled. I still don't see things easily, so I feel like I would be more susceptible to missing what's right in front of me because they blend in so well.

Palencia Boardwalk

Yet, it's so worth it. I mean, check this out. This little gem of a boardwalk goes out to the Intercostal River and gives you a peek into the stunning salt marshes that are hard to see otherwise. Such a treasure!

Sky Art

And the sky. The sky is constantly spectacular, especially in summer during the rainy season. Florida is flat as a pancake. There is a stoplight that I call the "Monty Python" stoplight because it seems like it never gets closer. And then suddenly you're there. But the clouds. Shift your gaze skyward and you're always in for a daily dose of art.

Now we're getting to fall and it's dropped down to the 70's. I've actually been chilled enough to wear long sleeves! Heh! Who knew I would acclimate to the heat? Well, we do complain in the hot, hot summer. I don't go to Disney in the summer months and I drive in the AC as much as possible. I don't know how people lived in Florida without AC. :-)