Sunday, February 5, 2017

Studio Time: A collection of my best work

Attached is a body of work in lamp work glass beads and polymer clay beads from 2009 - 2017. 

My beads are simple and basic and I make a lot of my own beads into jewelry. I describe my style as organic and textural. I don't do a lot of focal beads. I create a lot of basic beads that are the foundation of most pieces of jewelry.

Patterned Beads - Lampwork Glass
Dots and reactive




Quirky Dalmation dots with Red

Simple dots

Textural nuggets and basic rounds

Swirls Beads

I created a technique for creating messy swirls of color. I mix opaque, opalescent, and translucent colors. Sometimes I do a simple mix of 2 colors up to 4-5 colors.

Polymer Clay

These are carved polymer clay beads that were a breakthrough design for me that allowed me to combine my glass with polymer.

Most of these beads are made with polymer clay and alcohol inks.