Friday, March 21, 2008

Studio Time: Dots Aren't a Saga Any More

I have a bunch of beads I'm getting ready to post. I have some new styles I'm trying out...Flying Saucers, Cube-ish, Chubby Paisleys. I'm doing a bunch with pressed dots and really like that look.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Studio Time: My new beads

Finally - getting around to posting the new beads. Here is the first of the sets called Southwest Sky Blue featuring Morning Glories, Fiesta, Mod Dots, and a Martian Focal Bead.

I'm working with my Creation Station and it works BEAUTIFULLY! I'm able to place dots with a lot more precision on a consistent basis.

So, just to note the current styles I'm able to do well:
- Peacock Poppy Dots - layers of three dots in a peacock pattern
- Mod Dots - layers of two dots in a centered pattern
- Fiesta - scrolled stringer with dots
- Morning Glories - florals with outwardly raked petals
- Scribblers - random stringer work
- Cherry Blossom - four-petal florals

New styles I tried tonight that worked:
- Martian Beads - it's the chubby focal in the Southwest Sky Blue set. I'm not quite sure if I'm sticking with this name, but that's what popped into my head when I was looking at it. I've been going with the names that pop into my head, even if they don't really make a lot of sense.
- Chubby Paisleys - this is a new style I tried out that turned out fairly well
- I've been doing a lot of dot patterns and don't know what to name some of them

New styles in development:
- Polka Bubbles - I've been trying these beads but haven't had the precision. With the Creation Station I think I'll be able to get some more precision.
- Argyles - I've been playing with this style for a while. I need some precision with placing large dots. I have one that I think almost turned out tonight. It has a lot of contrasts and the melting distortion makes me think of Argyle socks. The previous attempts were still a little wonky, so those are part of my niece's collection. I'm not sure about tonight's bead. It may be another bead for my niece. We'll see.

Since I'm getting some consistency in style, I might be able to take orders for color combinations. I don't know. I'm mulling this over. What do you think? I don't know how I would post that on Etsy, though...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Studio Time: First Real Session in Two Months!, in a good sigh. This is the first REAL torch session I've done in two months. TWO months. I set up my Creation Station and 20-lb MAPP gas tank. I had been using the 1-lb tanks and would have to stop and take breaks. Oooh, I love the 20-lb tank...continuous torching!

Right before I left on a business trip in January, I had just developed a decent technique with encasing and doing a Morning glory floral on top. So, based on the results of tonight's session, I think I'm going to narrow my focus and develop new techniques slowly...The Morning Glory beads are going to be a new staple. These are my first good precision beads. And since mod dots are still in fashion, I'm going to continue doing different color Peacock Poppy Dots style. I'm also going to go back to focusing on a color set. I have a bunch of beads that are similar, but not really part of a set. I like sets.

I experimented for a while at the beginning of my session. I'm bad about peeking...also my experiments made me say, "eh..." But, the above two styles make me tingle. I think these beads are worthy. I feel good about the base style of beads I have to offer now and I'll build on those. It's funny - I can't seem to do stringer very well. I started off well with stringer decorations and was horrible with dots. So, I focused on dots, am getting some decent precision with them, but now I'm terrible with stringer. I'm hoping the Creation Station will help me out with that because it helps me hold my hand steadier.

I'm not sure if I'm going to try to make sets of the beads I have or just post them as assorted...haven't made up my mind yet.