Sticky Note PM

Sticky Note Project Management
aka Personal Kanban
The intentional organized approach to using sticky notes to manage projects and tasks.

At it's core the program is really simple and intuitive. This course introduces the core concepts I use in my daily practice of using this framework. While the principles are numbered for easy reference, there is a lot of back and forth between steps.

Two overarching principles should govern your use of this framework: 
  • don't feel limited by the numbers or confined by the sequence
  • keep everything as simple as possible and no more complicated 


1: Capture - write everything down
2: Categorize - group like items together
3: Summarize - summarize by the end result (not the action / verb)
4: Prioritize - focus on work that aligns with your values and learn the art of saying "no"

Summary of Principles 1-4

5: Time Box - identify a length of time you want to accomplish things
6: Focus - hyper focus on one thing at a time, limit your work in progress and blockers
7: Flex - acknowledge changes and adjust
8: Review - survey the time box of activities, what can you do differently next time?

Table of Contents for the Sticky Note PM Program


There is a lot of room for flexibility and scaling the system up for multiple projects or adding more people to your team. There are also more in-depth principles that will enhance this core framework such as measuring your progress or writing each item as a story.