Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Artfully Meandering: Resident Adventurer

So, I miss telling stories. I LOVED living in Hong Kong because I got to tell stories of my every day adventures of living abroad. Coming back to the US, it was all "normal" and I lost some of the adventure of everyday living.

Then I moved to Kansas. I'm finding my humor is beginning to return. And the stories.

I had some pretty good critter stories in Hong Kong. It's sub-tropical, so how can you NOT have a critter story? I have critter stories in the south when I lived in Texas and South Carolina. But, they were the nasty fire ants. It's hard to tell a funny story about them.

Right now I have this fabulous "art cave" in the house I am renting. I spend a lot of my time there. It's a beautifully finished basement.

With basements come critters.

I had piled art things on the floor until I found homes for them. I've shuffled the piles around several times. Then finally about a week and a half ago, I decided to get super organized. As I was picking up a blanket off the floor a shadow crawled under the couch. Heebie jeebie shiver. I have a small animal (large spider) living under my couch. Grrreeeat.

The next day I organized everything. OCD organized. The kind of organized where I go to sleep and remember something out of place and pop out of bed to put it in place. And go to bed and remember another thing. Over and over. (I don't live in between. It's all or nothing with me.)

So, I'm living in my art cave with the thought that "the animal" is living under my couch. About Wednesday of that week, I'm doodling and look up to the TV. And out of the corner of my eye "the animal" wanders into view. It kind of did a "deer in the headlights" frozen move. I think it was looking all over for the piles of junk to hide behind. It remained frozen. I'm pretty sure it was in shock with how clean the basement was and not having piles to hide behind. Which gave me time to "take care of it." (Big pad of paper, slap, jump up and down to be sure, careful watery disposal.)

I really don't want to have to tell TOO many stories like that. Really I don't. (Heebie jeebies.) But, an occasional story... well, that's okay.