Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hong Kong Chronicles: Confessions of a Klutz 2010 - April Edition

Remember this post? I've discovered there is a new aspect necessary for a klutz to know. Over the past 18 months I have learned the Hong Kong rhythm and can duck and bob as needed without too many crashes into people or objects.

However, with this rainy season, I've learned that there is another aspect to HK rhythm that includes umbrellas. It involves movement along two planes...up/down and duck/weave while moving forward. Can you imagine how that makes life even more perilous for the kommon klutz?

Anyone who is a klutz (or knows one) knows how hard it is to manage one plane of locomotion let alone two planes. Think rubbing your belly and patting your head...which, BTW, I can do, weirdly enough. I just can't walk and chew gum, or walk and bob an umbrella, or walk and...well, you get the picture. Sometimes even walking in a single plane is highly dangerous, as I've proved many, many times.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Studio Time: I can't stop playing with clay!

A gratuitous cutie pie picture. This little stinker is SO cute in person, but she doesn't photograph well. She always turns away...but this is about as good as it gets with her. She's recently groomed. I took her for a walk on Lantau where I used to live. She used to do the walk easily, but she's gained weight over here since I don't walk her as much. I had to carry her up the first hill. Then I thought she was going to do the lame foot excuse. She finally settled on the "sit-down-strike" and we finished with me carrying her for a while and her walking a little bit until I was dragging her, then I'd carry her some more, until another sit-down strike. Little Chunky Monkey. Makes for funny stories to tell. We both need more exercise!

Seriously, I can't stop playing with clay. It's always rolling around in my hands. I have 100 things to photograph, blog about and post up in my shop, as well as give away. :-)

I don't know how to describe these necklaces. They have an African tribal feel with the rustic, imperfect beads, in super colorful combos. Whenever I make a pendant or set of beads, I finish off the scrap clay by making small beads or colorful scrap color clay. It's so much fun! I have an orange necklace (below) and green one (waiting to be photographed).

Here are the matching earrings to the above necklace. Also, regarding the background, I did some color collages as part of my "homework" from the Polymer Clay Color Inspirations book. I'm experimenting with them as backgrounds to my jewelry. At the moment, I'm liking them, but I also toying with the idea of creating more solid color palettes so the background isn't distracting.

Lastly, here is a gorgeous necklace and earrings that I'm going to try to pry loose from my hands...it's SOOO southwesty, which makes me happy, thinking of Texas and my southwestern friends. It's comprised of natural (unpolished) barrel turquoise, sterling silver beads, and red-dyed coral rounds. One long necklace and matching earrings.

I hope my fellow migraineurs are faring okay (Lori P. and Mandy S.)...my treatments (between western and Traditional Chinese Medicine) are slowly improving. But, it takes a LOT to get the energy back. Then it's just sweltering hot here, too...it's hard to tell which is draining my energy, my health or the heat...so I live indoors most of the time (hence, the dearth of walks for Miss Molly). But, in spite of it all, I'm going nuts with polymer clay. I've been reading a few books from Donna Kato and another one by Carol Blackburn. I'm really happy I started with the Polymer Clay Color Inspirations so I can get my own color palette and not be dependent on what the manufacturer creates. I get a pretty consistent palette, too. Then the Carol Blackburn book has been taking me through basic bead making. So, I'm getting mature color combos and cool beads.

I'm seriously missing glass and still not sure what I'm going to do about lampworking. I guess that's still on hiatus...I'll live vicariously through all my glassy friends. :-D
Happy creating, y'all!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hong Kong Chronicles: Food & a Giveaway

I can't help it. This sign just makes me laugh. Before I write any further, I need to make it clear that I love my adopted home in Hong Kong. I have many good friends, I eat the food, I'm getting used to life here. However, I just love this sign because it describes an issue that has been rattling around in my mind over the differences in food culture. I grew up thinking food should beckon you to the table, make your mouth salivate, and your stomach grumble in anticipation. Here, people put doors on their kitchens so they don't have to smell their neighbor's food. Food that makes you think of feet and encourages you to close doors just seems...well...different. (I had noticed my sense of humor seemed to be on a bit of a holiday, but it came back with this sign.)

Polymer Clay Pendant & Brooches Giveaway

And on to other matters. I'm finally finding my voice with polymer clay and have items that I think are nearly worthy of ownership by other people. I made one pendant and several brooches. I decided to give these away because I need people to test them for durability. I don't want to send my polymer babies into the world if there are going to be issues. So, this giveaway is calling for testers to claim the pieces, wear them, and report back on any durability issues. If there are, I will replace it with something similar (I'm not re-creating the exact same piece...blending clay makes every pieces unique). They seem to feel like they would go well with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with the whimsy and color.

To claim your piece, please comment on my blog and let me know which one you desire. It will be first come first served.

#1) Sunshine Carnival Pendant

#2) My Heart is Full of Color Brooch

#3) Whimsical Purple Geometry Lesson Brooch

#4) Green Serenity and a Colorful Outlook Brooch

#5) Autumn in the Abstract Brooch

#6) Orange Sherbet Heart Brooch

#7) Orange Abstract Brooch

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hong Kong Chronicles: Light

I have been living in my flat for nine months and I still fall in love with my view every day. This was the lighting outside before a big storm rolled in. I love the slate gray and the glow. Reminds me of Labradorite.

I'm experimenting with some lighting. I still don't have it right yet, but I'm moving in a direction I like. These earrings turned out beautifully, though. I have created a few variations, but these are beautiful for everyday earrings or dressing up for a special evening. They are in sterling silver and small 3mm teal Swarovski crystal. About 1.25" in length.