Sunday, April 6, 2008

Artfully Meandering: Suffering from the Creative Storm Again

Okay. So, I really like the impressionist trees in the last post. I want to develop this style. I like to sketch ideas first before I do them in glass. Especially when my mind is rather blank as to where to go. The trees were kind of a happy experiment, but I have a lot of experiments that fail. (Like the gingham bead I was trying out. UGLY!) I can go off in some design directions, but I need some things rattling in my brain first.

SO. Here come the colored pencils. Bought some Crayola colored pencils to try out some impressionist ideas...and swirled off into this creative storm. Crayola was rather short on the purples and blues I wanted to work in, so I got some Prismacolor pencils. And let me tell you, once you go Prismacolor, you will want to banish your Crayola's forever. I spent yesterday playing with colored pencils (while fighting with a migraine...yippee). Then I found myself looking at the Prismacolor boxed set. HOLD UP! I still have glass I need to play with. Must focus. Must focus. But, I can go hurtling off into space on any given tangent. Jewelry and glass should be sufficient. Sigh.

I also started crocheting lace belts and scarves while watching TV. But, that's just a sideline. My wrists can't take that for very long.

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