Friday, May 30, 2008

Studio Time: Byzantine Chain Maille Watch

Chain Maille! I’ve been making some of my own jump rings, which naturally leads to reading more about how to make better rings and what you can do with jump rings. Chain maille! Hundreds of tiny jump rings woven into various patterns. I did not make these rings, although I did assemble the watch band from a fantastic kit that teaches the chain maille weaves from Urban Maille Chainworks. Talk about an easy way to learn the Chain Maille weave! Aislyn has done all this work to create a kit with all the right-sized jump rings cut by her husband. She includes a tutorial that teaches this specific weave based on the Byzantine pattern.
This particular watch is Argentium Silver which is highly tarnish resistant…a definite plus!
So, in addition to lampwork, beading, and wire-wrapping, I now offer chain maille potential in my jewelry.

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