Monday, September 27, 2010

Studio Time: East and West

The jury is still out on this necklace. (The jury in my head.) Style-wise, it's a little bit of East and West. The hammered silver bail reminds me a little bit of an Eastern roof-line and little bit of a Western hanging bar for the entrance to a ranch. The pretty part is the gorgeous glass beads by MoonKatty Studios. (If the jury in my head eventually nixes this pieces, the glass beads will be saved for a better project.) The polymer beads are my on-going experiments in polymer. I "age" the beads with a light wash of silver or copper ink.

The focal has gone through several iterations of aging with copper ink, sanding, silver ink, sanding. I really like the pendant and how it turned out. It just still feels juvenile and immature in technique. Both sides of the pendant are decorated.

Anyway, just a little something to look at... enjoy MoonKatty's glass beads. My inner jury is going to continue to deliberate on the polymer. :-D


  1. I have to say, Jenn, I really like this design! I love the red beads and LOVE the bar accent. It lends a nice Asian flavor to this piece. The pendant is cool- I especially like the side with the little 'donut' pieces at the bottom of the pendant. Very nice! One of these days I want to play with polymer clay. I love all of the colors, inks, etc!

  2. This is really pretty! You should post a picture wearing it. :)

  3. P.S. - And, yes, this is very you! :)

  4. I think that it is great! It would make a great statement necklace over a turtleneck.

  5. external jury says it's in. Thank you, Katrina, Tara, and Shaiha!

    Tara...I'll try to get a decent pic of me modeling it. I'm not fond of modeling at the moment, but just cuz you asked. :-)