Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artfully Meandering: Yep, they are Cherry Trees

Yes, they are Cherry Trees. Thank you, Sue Doran, for identifying these beautiful flowering trees for me. The South Carolina dogwood looks similar, but the center is green and the petals have an indentation instead of a point.

I'm not quite back to jewelry yet, but I'm getting design ideas in mind.

And I'm taking this cool class tomorrow at the Beaded Frog in downtown Greenville, SC.
And of course, Miss Molly the Maltese says Hello! She was pretty matted, so she was shaved. Now she looks like a Giant White Chihuahua.

I'm still waiting on my couch to arrive, so I have camp chairs or pillow I'm using for a temporary couch. :-) Molly was very cute in the chair (this was before becoming the Giant White Chihuahua).

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  1. I checked out your blog pictures with Molly and the do-it-yourself groom job. It's not so bad. (Giggle) Cookie was such a drastic makeover that anything would have been an improvement. We'll see what I do with a dog that's actually been taken care of. Pops has actually agreed to let me groom Maddy, but I'm kindof nervous about touching his precious pooch, so I'd better practice on Molly first. Tell her to hurry up and grow out the fur again!