Thursday, November 17, 2011

Artfully Meandering: I was getting a little worried...

As I wrote of often in Hong Kong,  I would translate my clumsiness into an amusing story of life in Hong Kong. This year was just working like crazy and attempting to recover from the migraines caused by the pollution in Hong Kong.

Side note: I still miss HK A LOT. I watch movies and I'm horribly nostalgic. Yet, I love where I is truly beautiful here. I mean, if this was in your back yard, how can you NOT be inspired? Oh, I seriously am.

But, I have had a dry spell on klutziness. It wasn't intentional. It has been a signature feature of my life for...well, all my life (my younger niece is following in my footsteps. Literally. Poor thing). But, I guess I have lengths of time where I can go and be relatively stable and un-klutzy. And lull people into thinking I'm a physically stable person, and able to walk with grace and elegance. Ooooh, little do they know...

But, I had a glimmer of the usual me on Tuesday. I treated myself to a Starbucks (I was on vacation...Starbucks = Vacation for me). I went through the drive-through and as I was handing my card to the barista, I didn't let him fully grasp the card and then I promptly dropped the card onto the driveway. I also had change in my hand for the tip and attempted to toss the tip into the jar. Missed that, too. The barista laughed and commented, "Batting 1000 today?" I grinned back, squeezed out of the door to pick up my credit card, and commented, "Yeah. I shouldn't have been let out of the house today. I'm a menace to my credit card. In more ways than one!"

Yep. I'm baaaccck!

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