Friday, December 30, 2011

Artfully Meandering: Greer, SC

I am expanding on an idea spawned from My First Hong Kong-er-versary. I was re-reading the post as I was cleaning up my blog and cataloguing my Hong Kong adventures and liked the phrase, "Resident Adventurer." When we get used to living in a place, we forget to be adventurers. We stop looking around and stop seeing what is right under our nose. 

I love where I live in South Carolina with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop and lovely foothills to meander through. I did a Resident Adventure tour of Greer today. The above is a floral arrangement from by Joy Felts at Greer Florist. She claims she is an amateur floral designer, but I love this sweet bouquet and took it on my Adventure today. I'll post a few pictures later, but just wanted to post the first result from today's little adventure

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