Sunday, January 8, 2012

Artfully Meandering: More creamy floral

If you feel inspired by this color palette, feel free to snag and post the photo to your blog and show us what you made. I'd appreciate a link back, but more than that, please let me know if you made anything inspired by these colors. I'd love to see!

I have an idea for a journal noodling around in my head. Actually, it's been baking there for several years. Like 15. (Aiya! I can't believe I'm that old!) Anyway, ever since I saw the movie, The Saint, with Elizabeth Shue, I fell in love with her journal. It was an eclectic mix of art, sketches, poems, quotes, scientific formulae, business notes. I feel like that odd juxtaposition of mundane and beautiful creates interesting epiphanies between business ideas and creative ideas. I've decided to explore this mix a little more in my new blog, Kanna. That blog will be more business-y. I'm exploring that intersection between my day life and creative life. I'm not sure where it will go, but part of it is going to involve improving my photography. Lot's of playing involved! Yay!

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