Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kanna Inspire: A Naming Contest

I have a little wrinkle in the launch of my new e-zine. I originally started this process last November / December. I think I googled the name Inspiration Adventures and had not found anyone that had staked a claim to the name. During the delay in launching the first issue, the domain name was obtained up by a photographer who just launched a blog this June. 

I decided to look at this as a great opportunity to come up with a smashing new name for the zine. So I am holding a naming contest. 

The Prizes

I am currently working on a prize. Part of it will be a print copy of the first issue of Inspiration Adventures  (soon to be re-named). I am working out the details of the other parts of the prize and will update the post when I know more. 

Updated prize package:

Oh, yes! These are definitely books you want in your art library!

Two Winners

There will be two winners
  • Everyone who suggests a name will be put into a drawing for a prize package for each name suggested
  • The person who suggests the winning name will also receive a prize package
If I have a hard time choosing the name, I will put my final choices out for a vote. 

My brainstorms so far

I have been brainstorming on my own, but none of what I am starting with has been resonating with me. I'll throw out some of the ideas I have below to hopefully spark some fab names from you. I have been learning Mandarin Chinese for 10 years. My studio name, Kanna, is from the term Look! 
  • "Jili" is one I am playing with. It's not quite the definition of inspire that I wanted - this one means encourage and motivate. The other word "guwu" didn't look as comfortable in English. The other issue with Jili is that if you say it with the wrong tone, you could mean something very different.
  • I ran a newsletter for a few months called The Kanna Spark
  • I've been playing around with Art Inspiration or Art Inspired
  • My brain works like fireworks when I have ideas going on
So, can you help me out? Thank you so much in advance!


  1. oh I love a challenge like this : ) Here are a few ideas, hope they help with your "fireworks"!

    Arts Inception
    Inception and Creation
    Kanna Inceptions
    Inspired Creation

    I might have a few more...brain still working on it ;)

  2. Creative Spark
    Artful Enterprise
    Style Adventures
    The Kanna Process

  3. The Creative Journey
    Artful Endeavors
    Creative Style(s)

    Just a few more...I feel like I am hogging this post :P

    1. Thanks, Raye! You're not hogging... I've got a bunch of other ideas on my Facebook... I'm getting some great ideas. Thanks bunches!

  4. Brainchild Propositions
    Vision Elevations
    Borderline Illuminations
    Flash Boundaries
    Vision Fringes

    1. Ooh! Very different ideas! Thank you for throwing your hat in the ring!

    2. P.S. Any one of the ones I submitted above could easily have Creative or Artful added in front of them to give a clue about the magazines content.

  5. ETC - Envision to Create
    Creation Nation

  6. Got Inspiration?
    Get Your Inspiration Here!
    Let Me Inspire You
    Inspiration Path
    Inspired Direction
    Art On My Mind
    Inspired to Create

    Geez, I just can't stop! What have you done to me?

    1. LOL! It's the fireworks effect! The brain run amok in many directions with many ideas. Thank you so much for all the ideas! Much appreciated!

    2. O.K., Jenn, you said it:

      The Fireworks Effect

      and then below that, all the rest of what you said! Brains run amok can be a good thing!

      I am SO digging this!

    3. Hah! Thank you. I love brains run amok. It's just plucking a single idea out of the amokness and executing on it - that's really my problem.

  7. Focused Inspiration
    Focus on Inspiration

    Honestly, having just read the premier issue, I can barely put into words what I feel. It was such a wonderful balance of artists and articles/projects. I really, really enjoyed it! Kudos to you, Jenn!