Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Studio Time: Zazzle Products - Pear Pillows

I've ordered some of my products from Zazzle to see how they turned out and I'm VERY pleased with the pillows. I designed these pillows with different backs to give you more options depending on the mood. I love the bohemian artsy look you get with having four different pillows.

 These are the 20x20 pillows cotton throw pillows. They are available in 16x16 cotton and also available as options for the polyester depending on your preferences. Zazzle runs regular specials and I bought these when they were 60% off. They are very soft, and the printing turned out wonderfully on them. 

Here are the regular prices for the different sizes and different pillows. If you sign up for Zazzle, they'll send you notices when they have different discounts. The prices are comparable to Pottery Barn pillows and I was just as happy with the quality.

If you're interested in purchasing unique pillows for your home, click on the link below each design to bring you directly to the link for that design in my Zazzle Store store!

Pear 20x20 Throw Pillow Pillows

Pear 20x20 Throw Pillow Pillows

Pear 20x20 Throw Pillow Throw Pillow

Pear Plaid 20x20 Pillow Pillow

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