Thursday, September 18, 2014

Artfully Meandering: Florida Cloud Formations

I'm smitten. 

I'm smitten with the vapor oceans that spiral to lofty heights in the atmospheric heavens.

Crafted by current
Sculpted by rip tides
Textured by wind
Colored by light
Sweeping waves

I've lived all over the place and I love clouds. But there is something about the clouds in Florida. I guess it's the summer rainy season and the storms we get every afternoon. Storm clouds have a reputation for being spectacular. And we have spectacular storms. 

And the light! Oh, the evening and morning light...

Of course, I'm always running somewhere while enjoying these daily art displays. So, I snap photos on my iPhone in my car. 

I thought it was just me. But one of my friends told me the first thing some of their friends noticed when moving into Jacksonville were the clouds. So, it's not just me. They are a dose of daily art!

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