Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Artfully Meandering: Current obsession... knitting

After 30 years of knitting scarves, I have finally graduated.

To blankets.

I'm a restless creative and must always be doing something with my hands. While traveling to New Zealand, when I got to the more relaxing part of the trip, we picked up yarn and I made an infinity scarf and three neck-warmers for my friends.

And as I do not do anything by half measure, I am now swimming deeply in the knitting pool.

Purl Soho

I've recently discovered Purl Soho and their beautiful yarns. I wanted to make a thank you gift for one of my friends. This beautiful merino was like knitting with a cloud. I love the graphic designer elegance to their patterns. I selected two of the Winterberry kits am knitting this into a bigger lap blanket.

I used the double seed stitch and did a variegated striped pattern.

This is still a work in progress. I'm waiting for the second kit to arrive to make the blanket longer.

You can't capture the luster and glow this yarn gives, but it's dreamy.

The colors they've chosen are flawless. I just love knitting with them.

I've also made some capes in chunky yarn. And 12-14 scarves. And 2 more blankets. Yep. I've been a knitting fool.

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  1. Looks lovely and snuggly, Jenn! Absolutely beautiful!