Thursday, July 26, 2007

Studio Time: Green Frit Set

Here is my second set. I find I get bored with sets. But, maybe it's partly fear. Fear that I won't be able to replicate in size or color what I did in other beads. Even though these beads aren't exact matches to each other, I think they have some fun character that would still look cool in a set.

I have an odd confession to make, too. I think I'm afraid of the completely blank slate of creativity that's available to me with glass. I had finally come to the conclusion and accepted the fact that I was the type of person that didn't really create anything new. I take other people's ideas and build on them. That's my strength in the business world. I realize I'm taking other people's ideas and putting them together in my own way with glass. But, I don't want to just copy other people. I want to create. And that scares me. I don't have the design or art background so many others do. I just like it. So, if I don't have a design or art background, can I still be an artist? Can I handle the creativity?

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