Sunday, July 29, 2007

Studio Time: I made twisties! I made twisties! And stringers!

I made successful twisties! With decent length, too! My first one was the best. The others had one color thicker than the other. But, that will be a neat effect, too, eventually. My problem is I didn't choose high-contrast colors. They look higher contrast when they're in large quantities next to each other, but in the small quantity, they're too subtle. I need to learn to choose bigger contrast. But, even the subtle colors will probably look pretty cool. It will add some nice subtle detail to my beads.

I played with the silver plum color. LOVE THAT COLOR! It's a little too overpowering by itself, though. I think I'll pull that into stringers now that I know how to make stringers.

I've also been playing with clear glass beads and adding the pastel colors. I think they're turning out pretty good!

Finally...what's with the first one being the best? I'm starting to get a little annoyed with this trend. I'm really getting a feel for the glass. I'm getting dots down. I'm getting stringers down. It's only been 6 weeks! I'll start down a track and try out techniques, but my first attempt is always best. Does that make sense? Shouldn't I be getting better, not worse with practice? On the other hand, maybe I'm getting a little too confident when my first attempt is pretty decent. I dunno. Can't figure it out right now. When I come back to the technique a little later, I seem to bounce back.

Given my mistakes with color and my declining skill as I practiced a technique in a given session, I was getting a little irritated and bored. The I disciplined myself to try twisties and, guess what? I can do twisties! I'm back in the game again!!!

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