Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Studio Time: Amethyst Scribblers

More progress! I'm SO excited. Below are my "scribbler" designs. The correct term is trailing. But, I feel like a kindergartner who is learn to master their fine motor skills, so my designs are more like scribbling. I think I can work with this for a while, because I like the end result.

And I was about to give up on the transparent glass because of my failure to combine colors. But, I discovered if you keep it simple with the transparents and then trail or do dots on top, it makes it very sparkly. I was reading Z-Beads gallery history and she has ideas about layering up to 16 different colors. I'll try to get good with a few colors first before I go down the multi-color path. But, I also planned this set out. The first photo is the bead with some wire-wrapping to make it a cooler focal.

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