Sunday, December 2, 2007

Artfully Meandering: 3 weeks? Seriously?

Ack! I can't believe it's been since 11/12 since I last posted! Well, that was the week I was preparing for a trip to France. Fun trip! I was quite inspired, but not from design motifs I expected. Just from the overall experience. I mean - how inspiring is this?

France is really into culture, art, creativity. And it preserves it history so well. Everything about France is so photographic. I couldn't stop! 853 pictures! I edited my Flickr gallery down to 432, but that's still pretty excessive. I love digital.

Beads. Two weeks since my last torch time. I'm missing my glass. This is my first time I've had the opportunity! I'm working on encasing. I like my beads, but I know they're not great encasing examples. I still think they're cute. And dots? Who would've thunk I might like dots so much? I think I need a lot more dot practice. I'd love to get one of those workstations that support your arms for greater accuracy. I tend to twitch just when I'm about to place a dot. It's a good thing I never became a surgeon.

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