Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Finds: Sarah Hornik's Think Pink!

For all your lampworkers out there, Sarah Hornik's Think Pink! IS A MUST HAVE!!! I can't believe she only charged $20 for all that info! It's sooooo good. Jam-packed with information on working in reactives.

The above is my favorite bead of the bunch I tried out. I haven't had much torch time lately, but one of my friends who took the original beginners class with me has been letting me get some torch time. I feel like I'm starting over. (Sort of...I've been re-photographing my original beads to re-post to this blog since the originals were lost...and I really have come a long way since the beginning.) I made more beads, but this is my favorite, paired with some CiM colors. I'd like make a bunch more and make a bracelet out of these colors of beads. It would make a pretty little charm bracelet.

As for working in reactives: Sarah has made learning reactives really easy. I can't believe I did such a cool bead! I've been afraid of reactives - they're more expensive and the stuff I've done so It's all right. I just figured I needed more experience. Sarah took care of that. Just work with the glass. A few of my early attempts did get good reviews...but I would feel guilty letting the glass do all that work while all I did was make a round bead with dots. Now I know...that's just the beginning...let the reactives roll!


  1. Oooh, beautiful! So glad you're having fun with reactions! :-)

  2. Oooh beautiful! So glad you're having fun with reactions! :-)