Sunday, November 16, 2008

Studio Time: A little something to look at

Sorry for the late post! I can't guarantee my reliability in the next month or so. But, check out these sweet little necklaces by my niece! She has paid attention to some of my design suggestions and she came up with these pieces completely on her own with some beads I gave her. So impressed with her!



And finally, I got a chance to play a bit myself. I'm smitten with Michal Silberberg's style--tons of color, intricate detail. She has some winter sales going on right now, so if you're fancying something new and different, check out her Etsy site. I absolutely love this green and blue piece.


Introducing MoonKatty friend who started this lampwork journey at the same time as me made these complementary beads. I had requested her to make some of her Cutie beads in my favorite colors and I adores me these beads. We were looking at my new treasures from Michal and these beads from MoonKatty landed next to each other and looked perfect together. So I wired them up simply on a figure eight chain. I can't wait until MoonKatty opens her shop so I can link out to her!

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  1. WOW ... that focal is just so gorgeous ... You've certainly done it justice!!!