Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Creative Eyecandy

Neihou! Neihou! (That's Cantonese for, Hello.) I'm still digging out from the wake of traveling. Somehow it's much easier to do in a larger space. Smaller spaces are much less forgiving about messes. I brought back a number of things that need to find new homes in my small space (less than 600 square feet). This is a generous sized apartment for Hong Kong that includes two bedrooms. My bedroom is about the size of my parents walk-in-closet. Not kidding.

While I didn't make a lot of time for computer work on vacation, I did spend time chatting with my mom while making earrings. Below are the amethyst cluster earrings I made for her. I need to switch out the lever-backs for posts, since posts look better on her.

I also made myself a hat. There are a bunch of glassworkers who also seem to be on a knitting binge. Ever since Kerry at Kab's Creative Concepts posted this sumptuous sweater, I have been pining to knit it for myself. The style is perfect for me in Hong Kong and it is my favorite color, green. But, sadly, like Kerin Rose, I am still a wannabe knitter. Even though the pattern was easy (I have the yarn! I have the pattern! I even took a lesson at a local shop!), I do not possess troubleshooting skills to fix my mistakes. I have cast on this pattern 12 times. The 13th time, I decided to stick with a scarf.

However, I can crochet. And I have need of a hat. I have a some nerve pain in my face affected by the wind currents (particularly very cold air conditioner vents) and a saucy little hat has been my creative work of the last week. I crocheted some little four-petal flowers in a contrasting purple and included some of my swirl beads as centers. It's very cute!

Goofy Photo Alert

Yeah. It is a goofy photo. But, I liked the moody skies in the background. Depsite the sunny smile I have on my face, I have had one of my weather headaches brewing inside my head for four days plus the nerve pain. I thought it was kind of creatively symbolic, so I decided to post it anyway. Since pain does slow me down a bit (as fellow sufferers Lori and Mandy have attested to), it may still take me a little while before I starting posting new work. But, I do have stuff coming plus some amusing stories in the Hong Kong Chronicles!


  1. Love your hat Jenn, green is one of my favorite colors and the purple is great with it.

    I have also tried Knitting, and I did ok, but it's kinda difficult. I am wanting to make some wrist warmers or fingerless gloves, cause I love them, and my wrists and hands are always so COLD, as you know how the WI. winters are. But I Think i'm going to have to leave it to the professionals... I'm just not getting it.. :(

    Hope your Nerve pain gets better girl. Give a kiss to Molly! xo Juli~

  2. Thanks, Juli! Ah...you're part of our "wannabe" club, eh? Even the crocheting, I only do once in a while as I give myself tendonitis. I had a massage and nearly wriggled off the table as she was working on my arms.

    The nerve pain is actually improving, I'm very pleased to report. And I have a hat I like wearing just in case it acts up. I think I'll make one in the opposite combo (since I have enough yarn).

    Molly will definitely get a kiss. Smooches to Phoenix, too!

  3. What a marvellous hat, the earrings look great with it! Such a coincidence, I am crocheting a hat at the moment but have just discovered, I got the gague wrong (for some reason I saw 3" when it should've been 5"!!!) I wondered why it seemed small ... most of my crocheting in the past has been lace work on fine hooks and now I don't have a big enough hook. It will be a few days before I can get to the shops to buy a bigger one! I am sooooooooooo jealous of the view you have from your apartment!

  4. thanks, sue! I might have to make myself a set of earrings since my mom will probably want hers back. Crocheting lace? I've tried that a time or two. With some mild success (it's how I learned to do the flowers), but I end up with hand cramps. I have serious tension issues. I think it's why I like chain maille. It's more about the weaving than the tension of the thread.

  5. love the hat and the earrings - awesome! and i hope you feel better soon...

  6. well, Ms Jenn, you will now have to join my "cranky knitters club'!...he he!...dont feel bad...I knit the same shrug for 2 years!...scarfs be lookin' pretty good to me these days! :) hope your visit home was lovely!

  7. Hi, Maire - better today...weather front settled in.

    KerinRose - you might be more stubborn than me if you've knit the same shrug for 2 years. ;-) It might take me 12 scarves, but I'm going to lick knitting. Maybe. Before I turn 90.

  8. Hi Jenn! So glad that you found me! I am amazed that there are people who find me from all over the world. I see that we share some of the same community of creative souls and that makes my heart do a happy dance. I love your new hat, and that is the view from your window?!? Stunning! I haven't traveled much out of the US so I am always intrigued by the world traveler. I do hope you will come back to visit Treasures Found. I feel that I have found a treasure with each new follower. Enjoy the day!
    Tesori Trovati Jewelry

  9. thx, erin! I've been reading your posts on WMC for a while, and your comments on Andrew Thornton's blog made me pop over to your jewelry blog. I don't know why it took me so long. And you're in Wisconsin, too??? I grew up there! (Waukesha)

  10. Poor you with your hand cramps. I had that only once and it was painful (I had been reading a very large paperback and holding it open in the same position for too long). I find knitting is kinder on the hands than crocheting but I do like to do both.

  11. Yes, Sue, once I am beginning to let go of my beginners death grips on the knitting needles, I'm learning that knitting is generally kinder than crocheting. I hope to graduate from scarves someday!