Friday, November 6, 2009

Artfully Meandering: Evidence of Fun in Charleston

Me and my dad on our way to lunch at one of the restaurants in Charleston. I loved spending time with him on our road trip through the beautiful autumn colors from Wisconsin to South Carolina.

That's it for the tour of Charleston...if you'd like to see some more South Carolina pictures, my mom is a shutterbug. Here is her photostream on Flickr at Flutterbugas.
In the bag I have in my hand in the above picture, I have some cute little beads...some faceted amethyst rounds and carnelian roundels. Oh, they make some dreamy cluster earrings. My mom poached the first set of amethyst earrings, which was okay because I raided her vintage stash. We're quite the pair and partners in crime when it comes to jewelry...but she's vintage and I'm craft...and we trade. Much fun!
I'm coming out of my travel fog. As soon as I unearth my apartment from my travel tornado of clean clothes, dirty clothes, laundry, dust bunnies, new stuff, and finding places for new stuff in my tiny apartment, I will have some new goodies. Mostly earrings! I learned quite a bit with the private jewelry showing...mainly that earrings are a staple to a woman's wardrobe. I know that, but, this showing was a good reminder.
I'm getting very excited about the changes that have been introduced with Artfire such as the studio blog. It's great to have a blog that is integrated with your store/studio. Content on your studio blog will also be able to be published to Handmade News. In general, I have been so impressed with Artfire. They are responsive to the requests of the community, have developed a Mavens team (a team of volunteers who are willing to give suggestions and test the features before they roll out to the general audience), stay on top of trends then give a podcast about it on Inside Handmade. I actually learn quite a bit about the technical and business trends from their podcasts. I find it really interesting. I'm such a girl geek. Having a studio blog will mean some changes to my newsletter and this blog, but I am giving careful consideration as to how to add artisan studio blog into my business mix.


  1. So Nice to have you back. It was wonderful to get the chance to talk to you, and I thank you for taking the time to call me. It was nice to hear your voice.

    I bet molly was so happy to see you, when you got back.:)
    Cant wait to see your new jewelry creations, and I took a look at your moms photos. Just beautiful... The door county photos were Gorgeous, as were all the others. :)

  2. Hi, Juli - it was nice to chat with a fellow jewelry maker from Wisconsin! Molly was happy to see me, but was quite spoiled by my friends...which made me happy to know she was so well cared for.

  3. Charleston is GORGEOUS (much like the flowers you use in your jewelry!)