Monday, December 21, 2009

Studio Time: Watches

I'm in the process of experimenting with watches. I'm a little wary of the inexpensive watch faces I purchased, so I made myself some watches for testing. I think they're quite pretty and I hope the watch face lasts. I also made the connecting loop for each watch. I think I'm addicted to handmade loops and toggles now. It took me a while to master the formation of the loop so it didn't look wonky.

The first one is a copper watch with copper byzantine chain maille, dyed cultured pearls, dyed turquoise roundels, Swarovski crystal, copper, and carnelian.

This a silver plated watch face with Argentium silver in a barrel weave.


  1. I REALLY like all the textural details going on in the first watch! And I love the weave in the silver one -- it's a weave I've never tried. These should sell fast!

  2. Thanks Tara and Lori! I'm keeping these for myself. If I like the watch faces, I'll be making many more watches.

  3. Those ARE awesome! I love both of these watches...I wouldn't be able to part with them either!