Sunday, December 13, 2009

Creative Finds: Stringing Style 2

I seem to be running low on steam these days...I'm kind of trapped between styles and jewelry mediums, so as I'm wending my way into the art clay, I thought I'd experiment with some styles inspired by the new books I bought. This is going to be the first in a series of book reviews I plan on doing over the next few months.

When I was back in the US, I loaded up on visual eye candy. One of them was this book. Now. I probably wouldn't have purchased this book if I didn't have the opportunity to pick it up and peruse through it's pretty pages. After all, I started with stringing and moved on to other techniques pretty quickly. However, I went ahead and purchased this book because it had loads of fabulous ideas that included stringing and then some. I've learned stringing, wire-wrapping, and chain maille and this book gave me some ideas about combining all of those techniques in a single piece.

The result? Beautiful autumnal shades in coppers, greens, and carnelians. This piece combines barrel weave chain maille, copper chain, irregular sizes of copper loops using some ideas from chain maille, wooden rounds, carnelian roundels, citrine roundels, dyed cultured pearls, some of the first lampwork beads I ever bought from Grace Ma, and one of my own floral disks dangling in front of small sterling silver ropes for a splash of interest (as if it wasn't already interesting enough). The Grace beads are the ones I re-worked from one of my early pieces. This was is a keeper. As in...I think I'm keeping it for myself! (I couldn't resist wearing it today to give it a was winking at me this morning...)


  1. So pretty! This book and the first one were two of my first book purchases...and I still go back to them. I hope they do more. The Best of Stringing issue from this past September was like a mini version of one of these books...I was fortunate to be in the Best of twice! I would definitely keep your eye out for that copy. Nice eye candy tonight (well, tonight where I am...going to bed now.)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I agree, very pretty. I don't normally like this kind of look (not that it is bad, but it is more "chunky" than I normally wear. I hope that makes sense.), but this really appeals, I think you are on the right track : )

  3. They are both lovely...whirling between mediums can be tiring but also can be exhiliarting too. I took up papercutting this year and wish I could do more of it but its sooo hard on my wrist, its hard when you can't do as much of your favourite mediums as you'd like, but it forces us to grow right:D and your one talented lady and I know you'll find the perfect alternative outlet soon:D Hugs to you.

  4. Very pretty Jenn. I love the chain maille, and the Chunkyness of it. I also like the little section that is hanging off to the right of it, and the fact that it is not "same same" all the way around. :) Juli~

  5. Erin - thanks so much for commenting. I do indeed have the Best Of issue and I looked up your pieces. They are gorgeous! I would love them to continue to create more books. I love paging through and getting ideas. I think I'll work on submitting something at a future point.

    Raye - I know what you mean. In my "buying jewelry" mode, I've always purchased light and delicate jewelry, but mainly out of price consciousness. Now that I have the freedom to experiment, I'm enjoying the chunkier styles. A friend who is staying with me commented that this piece is like wearing a couple of different necklaces...and that's the take the guesswork out of layering multiple necklaces and put it into one.

    Mandy - thanks so much for the lovely comment. I love your papercut prints and understand the need to take a break. I only knit and crochet a little bit (I wish I could do much more) but it creates a lot of wrist, neck and back pain. I get too tense instead of letting it relax me.

    Juli - thanks so much for the lovely comment!