Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hong Kong Chronicles: Confessions of a Klutz 2010 - April Edition

Remember this post? I've discovered there is a new aspect necessary for a klutz to know. Over the past 18 months I have learned the Hong Kong rhythm and can duck and bob as needed without too many crashes into people or objects.

However, with this rainy season, I've learned that there is another aspect to HK rhythm that includes umbrellas. It involves movement along two planes...up/down and duck/weave while moving forward. Can you imagine how that makes life even more perilous for the kommon klutz?

Anyone who is a klutz (or knows one) knows how hard it is to manage one plane of locomotion let alone two planes. Think rubbing your belly and patting your head...which, BTW, I can do, weirdly enough. I just can't walk and chew gum, or walk and bob an umbrella, or walk and...well, you get the picture. Sometimes even walking in a single plane is highly dangerous, as I've proved many, many times.

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