Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hong Kong Chronicles and Studio News: French Country Giveaway Winners

I'm not going to be a very good judge. I like BOTH of the designers who entered the French Country bead giveaway. Since I have enough beads for both, both Mel P AND Hilary won the beads. They both have different design styles and I'd love to see what they do with the beads. I think I'm going to start a Flickr group for these Inspiration and Design Challenges...I'll post the name of the group and invite y'all to join when it's ready. Mel - I'll drop the beads in the mail today with your other win...Hilary, I know most of your address...just need the street and number.

And on to other amusement

Occasionally I think I need to change the name of this blog to...The One-Woman Three Stooges show. Featuring me! and sundry, unsuspecting Hong Kongers. For the uninitiated, I am a klutz. Let me clarify: I am an uber-klutz. My family and friends know this well. Now, I share this aspect of my life with you.

Today's topic: How rain adds an extra layer of danger adventure to Life in Hong Kong.


Okay. The dog has nothing to do with tonight's topic. I just had to get a picture of the random dog walking in the random crowd outside of work.

Back to the subject at hand. Does anyone see the danger here? ANYONE?

Okay, maybe pictures do not do the situation justice. Let me 'splain, people. I am taller than 50% of the people here. To give you a picture, three of the ladies I eat lunch with on Mondays come up to my armpit. (I know. Not that pleasant for them. I do try to use strong deodorant.) But, coming back to you see where that puts their umbrellas? And consider that 50% of the population is shorter than me?

It's already narrow and crowded.

Add rain (umbrellas) and you shrink the walking space further. Therefore,

I often have to float my umbrella over other people and duck and weave to avoid the umbrella points that are coming straight at my eye.


What do you get when you combine ceramic tiles and rain? A Buster-Keaton-Laurel-and-Hardy-Charlie-Chaplin-Three-Stooges-Marx-Brothers banana peel slapstick fall.


Did that last Wednesday.

Before I give you the rest of the story...why, oh why do they use ceramic tiles as the OUTDOOR ENTRY to the homes in my village?
The rest of the story: When I picked up Molly from the dog-sitters on Wednesday after my trip to Shanghai-Beijing (pictures coming), I went to get her in between rain bursts. I was walking Molly and her box with food, bedding and water on a little trolley. Instead of going the long way, I walked through the village along the front of my apartments. They have CERAMIC TILE in front of their patio entrances. Does no one see a problem with this?

All I know is, one minute I was walking. The next minute, I was laid out flat on my back, dog food spilled everywhere and Molly sniffing me and asking, "What's wrong, Mama? Why are you lying down?"

I have a sneaking suspicion that is the reason why my back has been hurting me since Wednesday.


  1. Hi there from a fellow Klutz! Me and the beloved were actually chatting about my klutziness last night. He claims it is because I had no interest in sport as a child, and therefore not developed eye-foot control. He said for someone of my hand-eye coordination, I should be more agile on the foot thing, but no! My body is rarely bruise free ...

    Hope your back is good soon.

  2. Hello comprade klutz! I have to agree with your beloved...that would be the same reason I don't have good coordination. I wasn't athletic when I was young. I keep thinking I'm improving...after all, I can now walk on a rocking ferry in an accident-free fashion (ride it 2x day for the last six months), ride a subway without touching anything (if it's crowded) and stay upright. But, the "mindless" walking is more dangerous for me.

    My sis, on the other hand, took up skiing as a teenager, even became ski patrol. She's the athlete in the family.

    My back is better this week. I did an acupuncture treatment and it improved the pain.