Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artfully Meandering: Re-Blooming Bud Earrings

I made something! These are long and luscious. They are made of hammered copper posts and wrapped in fine silver headpins dangle with a white bud.

Available for $25 USD. Comprised of copper, .999 fine silver, and my own handmade lampwork beads. They are 2.75" long. No patina has been applied, so they are currently bright and shiny. The fine silver will stay bright, but the copper will darken with a lovely patina with exposure to air.

Long, elegant, unique, different... in what ways do you envision you re-blooming?


  1. I love the new earrings, they're very stylish and unusual.

    On re-blooming, I'm looking forward to being in a new home at some unspecified point in the future where I can garden again properly. We're renting at the moment (long and complicated reasons) and it's all grass. It takes so long to cut it all, there's very little time to do much else so I want something more manageable (and flowery!) in the future.

  2. Hey stranger! I've been off-line for a while and am just getting back on. Imagine my surprise and pleasure to see you branching into metalsmithing! Love this earring design. It is wonderful!