Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artfully Meandering: Blooming Everywhere - My Mother's Hobby

I do believe I get the majority of my creative genes from my mother. Yet, my dad is also a good photographer. We grew up with the idea of creating the majority of our own toys out of construction paper, tape, scissors, needle, thread, fabric, misc. discarded boxes, and a few "real" toys like Barbies. My mother is a paper-holic. So am I. But, she's very busy in volunteer work these days, so she has pruned her hobby to her most favorite...gardening. Embracing the south, she has endeavored to turn her southern home into a southern garden retreat, much like the gardens you would see in Charleston. I could...and did...spend hours taking pictures around the garden and learning my new camera. (Which, BTW, has me quite excited that I have the potential to take the photos I have dreamed of. I learned a bunch of features through practice. Now, I have to get the lighting down well.)

A table decoration.

The start of cosmos...

A rusty castle...

Morning glory??? My mom will have to tell me... (Edit: clematis. I have the best readers. Thank you, Kristin!)

Their front entrance....

On the stairs...

The fountain... now, I'm excited about these two photos because I learned the very cool trick of a slow shutter speed to let the moving water blur. I can't wait to try this effect on a waterfall.

The fountain taken at regular shutter speed.

Just a little eye candy to entertain while I'm working on the components for my "Re-Blooming" series.


  1. Great photos, Jenn. I also have a new camera and it's fun experimenting and learning. It's cool how different the fountain looks on different settings.

    I reckon the purple flower is a clematis. I had one of those in bud about a week ago but my carefree husband ended up cutting through the bottom branches as he manically weeded the flower bed! RIP my beautiful flowers!

    Great to get back in touch and I look forward to seeing your 're-blooming'.

    Kristin :)

  2. Oh no to your poor clematis! I've been known to do that... I can't believe I have such a black thumb compared to my mom's green one. But, I certainly enjoy her garden. I'll just re-create it in glass.

    I'm slowly building up my stash of "re-blooming" components. It takes a lot to start over! I'm excited about how the brass clay dogwoods turned out. I was going to post them last night but I was exhausted... soon. Maybe later this week.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Oh I am so jealous. We are in our first house and I am slowly working on the garden between bouts of fibro. Your mother's garden is a real work of art.

  4. I am, too! My mother has a fabuluous green thumb. I've inherited a lot of things from my parents, but I did not inherit the green thumb. Mine is black. I kill plants. I've tried, too. I had a little spider plant that stayed the same size for two years until I gave it to my roommate...the thing grew huge within six months and had babies and was gorgeous. I gave up on plants after that... I just enjoy my parents gardens.

    BTW, my mom and I have fibro. I think the gardening helps her stay more active because it's one of her obsessions.