Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Studio News: Lampwork Studio Short Tour

I have proper ventilation that doesn't show, but the fan is installed in the attic and it is quite powerful. So nice! The propane is stored right outside the window and comes in through a small hose. My kiln is across the room, but I like it that it forces me to get up for a few minutes to move around. I could just sit and torch for hours without a break...not good for ergonomics.

And Pottery Barn wine storage makes beautiful glass storage. I made a creative executive decision only to roughly separate colors. I don't want to get too attached to colors and keep pushing myself to expand and try different things with different colors.


  1. Hah, i had visions of you in front of a hot, flaming brick oven, mouth attached to a long, long metal rod, while twisting & rolling it you blow&blow&blow your sweet heart out...for a tiny bead! Well, now i know why you call it...lampwork! :)

  2. excuse my bad manners...your NEW CUSTOM STUDIO ROCKS!
    i'm so happy for you!

  3. Thanks, Nancy... I like de-mystifying the process of lampwork... I haven't been slaving over a hot kiln like the people who make the glass rods do. It is very relaxing to "play with fire" ... who would've thought a klutz could successfully work with a torch? ;-)

  4. Yayyyyy finally your able to get back to your beloved glass:D Love seeing a corner of where you create:D