Friday, September 30, 2011

Studio Time: Water Necklace

I continue to be enthralled with the colors of water and the many shades of blue and green (my favorite colors) that swirl through its depths. I used a swirl technique that I played with as a newbie glass artist, combining CiM Mermaid, CiM Peacock green and light transparent Effetre Aqua and formed it into a simple tube bead. I love its simplicity. I paired it with a hammered copper washer and copper chain plus some Amazonite faceted beads.

And yes, I am modeling my own jewelry. A bit. Not brave enough to do this often, but just popping to show you new work.

It's a long necklace...

And this is a picture of my little Molly recovering from surgery to remove skin cancer. She's doing well and the prognosis is good for her! (Sigh of relief.) She bounced back from this surgery like a puppy. It was actually work to keep her quiet the first few days. But she is doing well now. She says, "Woof!"


  1. I'm in love with the long necklaces that have been coming out this past couple of years! The only thing I hate is when its too light and it swings around, but you solved that with the extra weight on the bead. Well done!

  2. Super necklace and what a peaceful photo of Molly, glad to hear she's OK :-)

  3. Oh give Molly a nice snuggle from me and the buns...little sweetie. p.s. this new necklace is lovely.

  4. Thank you Rachel, Sue and Mandy for stopping by and commenting on my new work and sending your greetings to Molly. Molly says "woof" (thank you).

  5. Love the necklace - and your Molly is so cute!! Glad she's recovering.