Monday, November 26, 2012

Studio Time: Polymer Play

I love custom mixing colors per Maggie Maggio's color smashing guidance. Turquoise is one of my all time favorite colors. I started mixing the turquoise from light to dark. The final results is this Color-ometry Necklace in polymer clay and brass.

The pendant is one of the fun things for me to form. I like just using various geometric pieces like squares, triangles, and circles to make a unique pendant. 

Explorer Earrings

These little earrings are such fun! They have a bohemian flair coral colors mixed with turquoise and greens. They make me feel like an explorer, a wanderer, a traveler... Hand-mixed polymer clay finished off with brass...


  1. Nice! I love the new blog layout too. The jewelry is looking fantastic. Miss you- can't wait to see you in January:)

  2. Thanks, Shaiha! I've been missing my blogland friends, too. I hope to be posting more regularly soon.